Jalisco and Nayarit Vehicle Registration

Each year you renew the registration for your vehicle. It is called "Refredo". If you pay early in the year the fees are discounted. If you don’t pay, the fees accrue and you will need to pay the amounts owing before you can sell and transfer the car to the buyer. The registration card called "Target de Circulacion" needs to remain in your car.  But please keep a copy in a secure location.

When to Renew 

You must renew your vehicle registration annually by March 31.  

In Jalisco if you pay in January it’s a 10% discount and in February and March it is 5%. The cost is $590 pesos for vehicles and $150 pesos for motorcycles, which are not eligible for the discount. There is also a 50 peso charge that is collected and divided between the Red Cross (30 pesos) and Casa Hogar Cabañas (20 pesos). 

Interesting to note that electric vehicles receive a 100% discount and hybrids 50% but both must complete the necessary paperwork.  

In Nayarit, seldom does one answer the phone and their website is not helpful. The cost to renew is $580 pesos. For accurate information, It is advised you go in person to the office at José María Morelos 2 in Bucerias, next to the Gecko Bar.

Renew Online 

Jalisco: https://gobiernoenlinea1.jalisco.gob.mx/vehicular/ 

Nayarit: www.hacienda-nayarit.gob.mx/tenencia.php  

You will need your old vehicle registration card — called tarjeta de circulación in Spanish. On the screen, enter the tag number (placa) and the car’s VIN number. 

Print out the receipt of payment and keep a copy in your car. After March you can go your respective office to pick up the new registration card.  

Renew in Person

Or, you may go in person in Vallarta to the tax collection office at the UNIRSE building in Puerto Vallarta located at Av. Grandes Lagos 236, Edificio A, in Fluvial. They are open from 8:30am – 2:30pm Monday through Friday.  

On the north shore the office is located at José María Morelos 2, in Bucerías, next to the Gecko Bar.  

You can also pay at your bank or through one of the convenience stores that accepts payments, remember to hold on to your receipt for proof of payment and to pick up your new card when it’s ready (usually after March).  

Nayarit State Driver's License

Nayarit offers driver’s licenses to those who are a Temporary or Permanent Resident.

You are required to know your blood type.

Neither written nor driving tests are required.

License is for 3 years the cost is $633 and $348 for moto. Fees are half with an INAPAM senior's card.

A medical form needs to be completed. To save you from having to find the correct clinic and sometimes having the wrong form I will take you to a doctor who will complete the medical form, quickly and correctly. You will also be required to know your blood type as it is noted on your license.

​However, if 80 or over you must see an optometrist for an eye test including for a license renewal.

Cost for 2019 for a car driver's license is 553 p for 2 years, 703 p for 3 years and 852 for 5 years. You may make payment by credit or debit card at the licensing  office. Please allow up to 1.5 hours for the whole process including the completing of the medical form. 

A beginner's license is 572 pesos for cars and 267 for motos. They are available starting at age 15 up to when one turns 18.

​I process more drivers' licenses than any individual in San Miguel.

For a Guanajuato state driver's license a FMM tourist card, pre-approved visa from  Mexican consulate stamped in your passport, Temporary or Permanent Resident visa card are acceptable in obtain a Guanajuato state driver's license. If you apply for a license on your own, you will have to write a test written in Spanish. 

​Motorcycles / ATV / scooters require a separate license. Cost is 297 p for 2 years, 327 for 3 and 456 for 5 years. Scooters and ATV's also require registration, license plate and helmets. If your license plates are held on in a way as not easily removed such as rivets that is illegal and may result in a fine.

You must carry your original vehicle registration called tarjeta de circulacion and proof annual regisrtation fee called "refrendo" is paid. 

Guanajuato State handicap parking permit is obtained by making an appointment in Silao, seeing the assigned physician, complete a form and photos. Once that is done, write a letter in Spanish asking for "handicap parking". Submit all to the Rentas office in San Miguel. This is a two day process. 

Guanajuato Driver's License

Plates ending with a 5 and 6  January / February and June / July 

Plates ending with a 7 and 8  February / March and August / September 

Plates ending with a 3 and 4  March / April and September / October 

Plates ending with a 1 and 2  April / May and October / November

Plates ending with a 9 and 0  May / June and November / December

​If vehicle is 2017 to 2019 you may obtain a 00 emissions test and permit for 2 years. You may drive any time in Mexico City. If car is 2011 to 2016 a permit is 0 and allows one to drive in Mexico City any day but you renew every 6 months. This emissions test may only be performed in one of 3 places in the state. One is in Celaya.

Jalisco State Driver’s License 

Jalisco offers driver’s licenses to those who are a Temporary or Permanent Resident.

The initial Jalisco driver’s license takes up to 6 hours.

You are required to know your blood type. A medical is not required.

For your first Jalisco driver’s license there is a brief driving test and also a short multiple-choice test. The latter may be complete in either English or Spanish. These tests are not required for a Jalisco driver’s license renewal.

License is for 4 years and the cost is $633 for a car; $714 pesos for larger SUV’s and vans and $348 for a moto. Fees are half with an INAPAM card.

Puerto Vallarta Handicap Parking

Available to citizens and temporary or permanent residents including those with a foreign driver’s license. Your car may be registered in a Mexican state or US / Canadian car registration if a temporary or permanent resident. Teresa is available in Puerto Vallarta to assist.

San Miguel de Allende Property Taxes

Your property may be paid on-line and are due in the first 3 months of the year. Normally there is a 15% discount when taxes are paid in January and 10% when paid in February. 

Guanajuato state emissions test are required for cars registered in Guanajuato state. Most testing centers are now required to have a dynamometer. In San Miguel testing with a dynamometer is performed at only one emissions center. It is located on Hwy 51 which is the road to Dolores Hidalgo. It is halfway between the two traffic circles at Calle Benito Juarez and Libamiento Mauel Zavala. Testing is required every 6 months and cost is ~250 pesos. They are open by 8:30 am. If you fail to complete the test and your emissions test is not current you will be subject to a large fine if stopped by police. If you let the date for a test expire you will not be allowed to complete an emissions test without first going to Ecologia on the Dr. Mora Road. Entrance is on the left about half a mile from the Presidencia. The fine for an expired test is ~900 pesos and more if you missed more that one test cycle. The dates for testing are:​​

Marriage in Guanajuato State 

All states in Mexico have similar requirements.


Birth certificate (only long version), apostille for Americans or legalized for Canadians and translated by one of three certified translators.

ID such as passport

Utility bill within 90 days (CFE, SAPASMA or TelMex).

Medical Labs (Analisis Prenupciales); valid for 15 calendar days

Certificado Medico Prenupciales; valid for 15 calendar days

Two witnesses for each person with official ID (4 witnesses in total)

If never married, present a document indicating both have not been married, divorced or widowed as processed by DGRC (Direccion General del Registro Civil) in any Mexican state or from the country in which one has lived. The document once issued is good for 3 months. If divorced a document proving so. If, from another country, the required document must be apostille or legalized and then translated by one of 3 certified translators.

Material possessions such as property, car, etc. must be specified and division determined.

Those who do not speak Spanish must bring a translator. 

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Guanajuato state refrendo (annual car registration) fee may be paid on line or a bank. It must be paid in the first 3 months of the year. 2019 Guanajuato vehicle registration fee (Refrendo) is 471 p for a car and 130 p for a motorcycle / scooter / ATV. There is also an additional fee called tenencia on any vehicle worth more than 500,000 pesos, when new.

San Miguel de Allende Vehicles

Registration of a vehicle is completed at an office called Rentas. Please read on my web site under "vehicles" regarding buying a car in Mexico. This is not the US or Canada when it comes to registering a vehicle. The Rentas office is very selective and difficult. Anyone who buys a used car should insist in writing if car may not be registered within 10 day a full refund is due. In some cases you may never register the used car you just purchased. I have given up trying to register most cars in San Miguel. It is not worth the time and effort. Nor am I foolish enough, nor desperate enough to be involved in selling used cars to clients. There is too much corruption and fraud including the odometer being lowered and cars that were badly damaged or write-offs in accidents being restored and sold, etc.