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Please contact me for your health, life, auto, evacuation and property insurance.

San Miguel de Allende Vehicles

Registration of a vehicle is completed at an office called Rentas. Please read on my web site under "vehicles" regarding buying a car in Mexico. This is not the US or Canada when it comes to registering a vehicle. A person requires a valid CURP (akin to SIN / SSN) to register a car. A CURP is only available to citizens and those with a Temporary or Permanent Resident visa card. Tourists may not register a car in Guanajuato state as they have no CURP). The Rentas office is very selective and all documents must be exact. Scooters and ATV's also require registration, license plate and helmets. If your license plates are held on in a way as not easily removed such as rivets that is illegal and may result in a fine.

You must carry your original vehicle registration called tarjeta de circulacion and proof annual regisrtation fee called "refrendo" is paid. 

                                                    Guanajuato License Plate Replacement

There are about 1 million registered vehicles in Guanajuato state. A large sum of money is owed by people not having paid their annual fee called "refrendo" and the recently added annual tax called "tenencia" on vehicles valued above 500,000 pesos when purchased new. Millions of pesos are currently owed to the state. A person may not go through this process without paying past dues. The new plates will have a QR code.

There is a government office upstairs in the same location as OXXO building on Libramiento Manuel Zavala near the Red Cross. The office is on the right side of the building. There you are able to have your documents checked and scanned and your process registered. If everything is in order, they will set a date set for your appointment. You need to go in person unless you have a legal power of attorney. And, you need your cell phone with a Mexican number for a password that will be sent to you. Hence, I can’t do this for you.

Please take:

1.    Tarjeta de Circulacion (Car Registraion Wallet Size)  

2.    Guanajuato Driver’s License with an official CURP (Tourists do not have an official CURP and there fore may not exchange license plates)

3.    Recent CFE or SAPASMA or TelMex Utility Bill 

4.    Passport and Temporary or Permanent Resident visa are not a must but may be handy.

The address must match on your utility bill and GTO driver’s license. If they do not or you do not have a GTO driver’s license, please contact me.

Your 2020 Refrendo (annual registration fee) and tenencia (tax on vehicles valued over 500,000 pesos) must be paid as well as any outstanding fines and past fees. 

License plate exchange schedule is based on last number on your license plate.

September: 0, 1, 2         October: 3. 4. 5        November: 6, 7, 8, 9 


Cost for 2020 for a car driver's license is 572 p for 2 years, 728 p for 3 years and 882 for 5 years.

​Motorcycles / ATV / scooters require a separate license. Cost is 307 p for 2 years, 338 for 3 and 472 for 5 years. I will prepare your payment form in advance to save time and I will pay at one of the approved locations. 

A beginner's license is 592 pesos for cars and 276 for motos. They are available starting at age 15 up to when one turns 18.

​A replacement license is 203 pesos.​

Please allow up to 1.5 hours for the whole process including the completing of the medical form. 

The second period calendar is made up as follows:
5 and 6  July and August
7 and 8  August and September
3 and 4  September and October
1 and 2  October and November
9 and 0  November and December​

​Vehicle verification will be carried out through the appointment system, which may be made here:  Or telephone SMAOT: 473 735 2601

Marriage in Guanajuato State 

All states in Mexico have similar requirements.


Birth certificate (only long version), apostille for Americans or legalized for Canadians and translated by one of three certified translators.

ID such as passport

Utility bill within 90 days (CFE, SAPASMA or TelMex).

Medical Labs (Analisis Prenupciales); valid for 15 calendar days

Certificado Medico Prenupciales; valid for 15 calendar days

Two witnesses for each person with official ID (4 witnesses in total)

If never married, present a document indicating both have not been married, divorced or widowed as processed by DGRC (Direccion General del Registro Civil) in any Mexican state or from the country in which one has lived. The document once issued is good for 3 months. If divorced a document proving so. If, from another country, the required document must be apostille or legalized and then translated by one of 3 certified translators.

Material possessions such as property, car, etc. must be specified and division determined.

Those who do not speak Spanish must bring a translator. 

San Miguel de Allende Property Taxes

Your property taxes may be paid on-line and they are due in the first 3 months of the year. There is a 15% discount when taxes are paid in January and 10% when paid in February. Your account number is on your tax bill called CUENTA PREDIAL. It is 12 digits and when you pay on line please omit the first two digits. 

​I process more drivers' licenses than any individual in San Miguel.

For a Guanajuato state driver's license one must be a citizen or have a Temporary or Permanent Resident visa card. 

I will make you license appointment in advance. A very brief and cursory medical form to be completed. To save you from having to find the correct clinic and possibly the wrong form I will take you to a doctor who will complete the medical form, quickly and correctly. 

You will also be required to know your blood type as it is noted on your license.

Guanajuato State handicap parking permit is obtained by making an appointment in Silao, seeing the assigned physician, complete a form and photos. Once that is done, write a letter in Spanish asking for "handicap parking". Submit all to the Rentas office in San Miguel. This is a two day process. 

Guanajuato Driver's License

Guanajuato state emissions test are required for cars registered in Guanajuato state. To prevent risks of COVID-19 emissions testing in the verification centers will be by means of appointments. In 2020 there will only be one verification period. There will be a 10% discount on the cost of the procedure, for the 2nd verification period. It should be noted that for 2020 a single state verification will be required. For all those owners who carried out their vehicle verification and obtained the verification certificate of the first semester during the months of January, February and March, with the numerical endings 5 ​​and 6, as well as 7 and 8, are exempt from the vehicle verification of the second semester that begins June 15, 2020. For those who did not carry out the procedure within the aforementioned period they can do it in the second semester; as well as the rest of the numerical license plates ending with 3 and 4, 1 and 2, 9 and 0 corresponding to the months of September-October; October November; November December.

Guanajuato state refrendo (annual car registration) fee may be paid on line or a bank. It must be paid in the first 3 months of the year. 2020 Guanajuato vehicle registration fee (Refrendo) is ~500 p for a car and 150 p for a motorcycle / scooter / ATV. There is also an additional fee called tenencia on any vehicle worth more than 500,000 pesos, when new.

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