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There is more than one way to become a Mexican Citizen. These include being a resident; child born to a Mexican national in another country; expat being married to a Mexican national; being adopted by a Mexican national; people born in Spain and Latin American; one who contributes to the country in ways such as business, art, sports, cultural, scientist in a very significant way. 

The following process applies to those with 5 years of residency or an expat who is married to a Mexican national and has two years as a Temporary or Permanent Resident.

One must have been a resident of Mexico for 5 years or 2 years when married to a Mexican national. This means being a Temporary or Permanent Resident for 5 or 2 years. And one needs a letter from INM stating what was your visa status 5 years ago, provide a copy of your visas covering those 5 or 2 years and a record of when you exited and entered Mexico during that time. This I can process at INM for you. In the 5 years total time allowed out of the country is 180 days. 

Those over age 60 do not have to write a test in Spanish with questions pertaining to Mexico. Those 60 and under write the test.

Your birth certificate has to be legalized (Canadian) or Apostille (American) and both the birth certificate and apostille / legalized document needs to be translated in Mexico by a certified translator. If applying based on two years being married to a Mexican national and married outside of Mexico the marriage license in addition to the birth certificate must be Apostille / legalized and then translated by a certified translator in Mexico. Individuals are responsible for the apostille / legalization and I can arrange for a certified translator.

Required are three photos, passport size 4.5 x 3.5 cm with a white background, front view, no glasses, etc. 

The name on your passport must exactly match your name on your birth certificate. If not, your consulate or embassy can provide a letter stating the documents are for one and the same person.

One needs two criminal records. One is from the state in which you live and one is Federal.  For the latter, one needs to go to Mexico City or have a person on your behalf with a power of attorney represent you. I arrange this for you.

One completes the form Solicitud de Carte de Naturalizacion (DNN-3). With the form you need to submit a letter indicating how many times you exited Mexico in past two years and complete a chart indicating when you left, when you returned, where you went and the page number in your passport with the stamps confirming this. You also need to copy your complete passport. I complete the form on your behalf and submit with you in Queretaro. You must be present to submit.

All applicants regardless of age will be interviewed in Spanish with questions about your name, where born, citizenship, etc. For those in San Miguel and area the interview is in Queretaro. I schedule and take you there.

All submitted documents are to be in triplicate

The process takes 6 to 8 months.

Cost 5020 pesos for 2018. Passport fee is ~ 2000 pesos depending on how many years you request. 

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