Carrots    7

Apples     8

Cucumber    13

Broccoli    8

Bananas    7

Beef Tenderloin:   160 p  / kg

New York Steak:    280 p / kg

Eggs:   1 kg, ~ 18 eggs    20 pesos

Tomatoes    12

Green beans    20

Peppers, red, green, yellow    28

Avocado    25

Liter container cut mango    20

Liter of honey 130 pesos; liter of fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice 30 p; liter of orange juice 25 p; the carrots, potatoes, 2 cucumbers, green beans, 2 avocados, bananas, cantaloupe, mango. jicama, tomatoes, guayaba were 140 pesos.


  • Cost of Living does not have to vary greatly other than accommodations. Rents and home costs vary greatly but utilities such as telephone / Internet, electricity, propane, gasoline, water are relatively consistent. And if one shops at local markets vs say Mega and Soriana items such as clothes, fruits, vegetables, chicken, beef, pork, housewares are very inexpensive. Every town and city has these markets. Here are some costs. Also, Numbeo provides current and timely information on world living conditions including cost of living, housing indicators, health care, traffic, crime and pollution. Here you may compare cost of living based on their data. Click the COL blue button.

6 large yellow and orange bell peppers were 15 pesos at the Sunday market in San Miguel. 4 large cucumbers were 10 pesos. 6 big carrots were 5 pesos. Bag of green beans and also a bag of plum tomatoes were 5 pesos ech. 6 large onions were 10 pesos. And you are helping locals. The San Miguel Tuesday market is in the same place but twice as big, ~ 2.5 acres.

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​​​​Milk:   2%, 2 liters   25 pesos

Bread:   27 pesos;  Aroweat  47 pesos

Sugar:   19 p / kg

These are expenses we experience. We are a family of 3 with a 12 year-old daughter. Your life-style, choices of service provider, rent vs own, etc will of course vary your cost of living.

 1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds            1 litre : ~1 US quart.

 When applicable tax is included in all costs shown.


Property taxes: 1000 pesos for 2018 with 11000 sq. ft lot and a 214 sq m (2300 sq ft) home.

Water: in city is about 250 pesos a month. We live on edge of city and collect water off the roof into a cistern for 5 months a year. For rest of the year we buy 10,000 liters at a time for 700 pesos which lasts 3 weeks as we have some grass.

Internet & Telephone: 389 pesos / month including free calls anywhere. Cell phone with TelMex plan 500 p / month and used extensively for personal and work.

Electricity: 300 pesos every 2 months. We have many windows and our house is totally detached. Many homes in centro are attached to other homes and are dark. Lights are on all day and once they get cold in winter stay so without a heat source.  Plus our home is made with sillar which has very good thermal properties. We have CFL and LED lighting, 2 large TV’s; several loads of washing a week; stove and dryer are propane. I have seen others with electric bills 10 x more based on home being dark with few windows, using electric heaters and blankets in winter etc.

Propane: 370 pesos per month for 9 months but more for 3 months as we use propane wall furnace as source of heat in winter.

Doctor / Dentist

Doctor at walk-in clinic 35 - 50 pesos; MRI 2300 pesos; CATSCAN of head with dye 2900 pesos; Several Back X-Rays 500 pesos.

Cardiologist / Orthopedic Surgeon, Pulmonologist: 800 pesos

Dentist (quality and costs really vary). Ours is excellent. Cleaning 1000 p, filling 1000 p, crown (including lab) 8000 p. Root canal, post, crown 11,000 pesos. Pediatric dentist for our daughter 600 p for cleaning, checkups, filling. Dentists seldom charge separate for an X-Ray nor do they charge extra for lab work for a crown as those costs are in the fees I noted.


Gasoline: 17.9 pesos a liter which is about $3.80 / US gallon; Oil Change: 5 quarts 5/20 oil, filter, tax: 480 pesos.

Car 2018 annual fee in Guanajuato state 480 pesos; motorcycle 130 pesos

Car Wash (clean inside and out) 50 - 70 pesos

Car Insurance (2014 Lincoln SUV, Mexican plated) 9000 pesos through Santander

Body Work: 30% of charges in Canada

City Bus: 7 pesos  Taxi anywhere in centro and out as far as Mega, Bodega Aurerra, main bus terminal etc 40 pesos.


Vet: neuter / spay 750 pesos; teeth cleaning 750 pesos; checkup 250 pesos

Dog Food: Costco 18 kg 670 pesos

Private School

For our daughter who is in Grade 8 cost is 58,000 pesos per school year. This includes uniforms, books, annual subscription plus lump sum or monthly payments.


I have a list of many restaurants in San Miguel we frequent at least 2 to 3 times a week. Our bill for 3 of us averages 370 pesos, with no alcohol. For the two of us 260 p is typical. Corona, Victoria etc. is 25 to 30 p.

Meat / Poultry / Dairy / Etc.

Chicken: boneless breast    100 p / kg

Chicken Feet (for dogs)      20 p / kg         

Beef: ground 90/10 mix    120 p/ kg

Pork Tenderloin:   125 p / kg

Fruits / Vegetables price in pesos / kg

We shop at local markets here in San Miguel including the huge Tuesday market with hundreds of vendors.

Figs    70

Strawberries    30

Nectarines    35

Green tomatoes (small)    8

Potatoes    13