911 Emergency Calls 

All of Mexico has a 911 emergency service.

Calling in / to / from Mexico

Calling land line in Mexico from United States or Canada: Prefix:    011-52    Call: 011-52-415-111-1111     

011 is international code; 52 is the country code for Mexico;. 415 is an area code

Calling a cell phone in Mexico from United States or Canada:     Prefix: 011-52-1     Call: 011-52-1-415-111-1111

Calling US or Canada from Mexico:      001-area code-7 digit number

Canada or U.S toll-free #’s from U.S. To dial “toll free” calls to the USA or Canada, replace the 800, 866, 877, 888 prefix as below. Example: to call the USA 800-947-5096 use 001-880-947-5096. Calls are not toll free and a fee will be charged.

USA Toll-free                            Substitute

800                                                880

844                                                885

855                                                884

866                                                883

877                                                 882

888                                                 881

Land line to land line in same city: No prefix, no area code          Call 274-1111

Land line to cell phone in the same city: Prefix: 044                     Call: 044-415-111-1111

Land line to cell phone in another city: Prefix: 045                        Call: 045-322-111-1111

Land line to land line in another town: Prefix: 01                           Call: 01-415-111-1111


                                                                                 Cell phone to cell phone in same city: Prefix: None         Call: 415-111-1111


                                                                                 Cell phone to cell phone in another city: Prefix: 045       Call: 045-322-111-1111 


Cell phone to land line in the same town: Prefix: None    Call: 415-111-1111 or 111-1111

Cell phone to land line in another city: Prefix: 01             Call: 415-111-1111

Note some places such as Mexico City depending on service provider such as TelMex will have 8 digits as the main number.​​​

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