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As of August 3, 2019 phone calling will be much simpler. The 01, 044, 045 will be gone for national calling as will be the "1" on international calls and the need to add a "1" after 52 when calling a Mexican cell phone from another country. 

911 Emergency Calls 

All of Mexico has a 911 emergency service.

Calling in / to / from Mexico

Calling land line in Mexico from United States or Canada: Prefix:    011-52    Call: 011-52-415-111-1111     

011 is international code; 52 is the country code for Mexico;. 415 is an area code

Calling a cell phone in Mexico from United States or Canada:     Prefix: 011-52-1     Call: 011-52-1-415-111-1111

Calling US or Canada from Mexico:      001-area code-7 digit number

Canada or U.S toll-free #’s from U.S. To dial “toll free” calls to the USA or Canada, replace the 800, 866, 877, 888 prefix as below. Example: to call the USA 800-947-5096 use 001-880-947-5096. Calls are not toll free and a fee will be charged.

USA Toll-free                            Substitute

800                                                880

844                                                885

855                                                884

866                                                883

877                                                 882

888                                                 881

Land line to land line in same city: No prefix, no area code          Call 274-1111

Land line to cell phone in the same city: Prefix: 044                     Call: 044-415-111-1111

Land line to cell phone in another city: Prefix: 045                        Call: 045-322-111-1111

Land line to land line in another town: Prefix: 01                           Call: 01-415-111-1111


                                                                                 Cell phone to cell phone in same city: Prefix: None         Call: 415-111-1111


                                                                                 Cell phone to cell phone in another city: Prefix: 045       Call: 045-322-111-1111 


Cell phone to land line in the same town: Prefix: None    Call: 415-111-1111 or 111-1111

Cell phone to land line in another city: Prefix: 01             Call: 415-111-1111

Note some places such as Mexico City depending on service provider such as TelMex will have 8 digits as the main number.​​​