INAPAM (Instituto Nacional de las Personas Adultas Mayores) is a senior's discount card for those 60 years of age and over. They are available to citizens plus Temporary and Permanent Residents. INAPAM provides benefits throughout Mexico.

In San Miguel I will obtain your card for you and you do not have to leave your home. We contribute significantly to help the office and the people they support. 

In many municipalities your INAPAM card will allow for discounts on water and property taxes. And, in many places of business, parks, hot springs, museums, movie theatres, etc. they will provide a discount. Below is a summary.


This government list of benefits is often being revised so please check back regularly.

SAPASMA water costs in San Miguel are reduced with an INAPAM card. If you are a Permanent Resident, the water bill is in your name and you pay in January or February, SAPASMA offers a discount on city water. If you pay the whole year at once you receive another discount of 10% for a total of 60%. The 50 % discount is on the first 20 cubic meters which equates to approximately 91 pesos. So, the savings is 45 pesos if your usage is 20 cubic meters or more in a month providing the bill is in your name. This does not apply to Temporary Residents. 

The fee clients's pay for an INAPAM card goes toward the office issuing the card. This includes a person's share for false teeth including this gentleman here. We also buy soccer balls for tournaments to help in keeping teens off the streets. We have bought dishes and cutlery for the daily meal provided for free to the seniors plus medicines etc. The funds also pays for craft material for seniors and items to celebrate Mothers' and Fathers' Day, Christmas and Independence Day. May 2021, we bought a 3 phone system for the offices. 

Property taxes in San Miguel may be reduced for those who have an INAPAM card and are Permanent Residents. However, if you pay in the first 2 months of the calendar year and receive the early payment discounts of 15% or 10% the INAPAM discount will not apply. Taxation office staff will come to your property to inspect to see if you are operating a business. You need to complete a form at the tax office (no letter required) and provide original and copy of official ID and predial tax bill plus your Temporary or Permanent Resident visa. The discount will only apply to the following year and will not be greater than the 15% discount which one receives when they pay in January

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Pharmacies: Wal-Mart, Bodega Aurrera, Soriana, La Comer, Sam's Club, Superama, etc.


Laboratories: such as Simi, CHOPO and some Orthopedic and Optical centers.


Restaurants: including California, Wings, Woolworth, Applebee's, El Porton, Pastelerías El Globo, Vip's, SanBorn's Cafeteria, etc.


Department Store: Suburbia


Recreation & Cultural: Hotels, Water Parks including Xote and others in San Miguel de Allende, Museums, Recreational Parks, Archeological Sites


Buses: ETN  and Primera Plus 50% discount


Airlines: Interjet and AeroMexico 15 to 20%​​ based on age and usually not on having an INAPAM card.


Movie Theaters: Cinepolis, Cinemex

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